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Revamp Your Resume with Expert Insights: Let ChatGPT Guide You


Stepping into the job market?


A polished, compelling resume is your foot in the door. 


Wish you had a knowledgeable Resume Advisor? Meet ChatGPT!


Why ChatGPT?

Save your money! 


Don't hire a resume writing service. 


Not only is ChatGPT way cheaper… it will write virtually unlimited versions of your resume… customized for each job… in minutes.


And more importantly… once you've created a ChatGPT thread about your resume & the job you are applying to… you can return to that thread to do interview preparation.


How ChatGPT?

Just as you wouldn't expect a career coach to guide you without understanding your background, ChatGPT also performs best when you feed it detailed information. 


I created a series of prompts to help you “TRAIN” ChatGPT to act as an expert Resume Coach.


Watch the tutorial below on how to use these prompts effectively:

My favorite ChatGPT Resume Prompts:

Just follow the steps below by pasting each prompt into ChatGPT… and then hitting submit!


1. Set the Scene:

PROMPT: "I’d like you to act as my Professional Resume Advisor. I'm going to provide my current resume, LinkedIn profile, and a few job descriptions I'm eyeing. I need insights into how best to align my resume for these roles, suggestions on presentation, and feedback on potential areas of improvement. Ready?"


2. Share Your Details:

PROMPT: "Here's my current resume: [COPY & PASTE YOUR RESUME HERE]"



3. Specify Desired Roles:

PROMPT: "These are the jobs I'm interested in: [COPY & PASTE JOB ADS HERE]"


4. Get Comparative Insights:

PROMPT: "Here are some resumes of individuals currently in the roles I'm targeting: [COPY & PASTE RESUMES HERE]"


5. Request Assistance:

PROMPT: "Please list the top 5 ways you can assist me in refining my resume. With each method, detail what you’d need from me and how I can prompt you for optimal advice."


6. Dive Deeper:

Utilize one of the prompts suggested by ChatGPT or use the ones provided below to polish your resume for success:


Sample ChatGPT Prompts for Resume Enhancement:

Once you've loaded up your resume & job that you are interested in… by following the 6 steps above… now you can copy & paste any of the following prompts into ChatGPT to really get some Expert Coaching!


Content & Clarity: “ChatGPT, review this resume and suggest areas to add or reduce content for clarity and impact.”

Tailoring: “Considering this job description, how should I tailor my resume to better align with the role?”

Keyword Optimization: "Which industry-specific keywords should I integrate into my resume for [specific job role]?"

Achievement Highlighting: "Given my experiences, how can I best quantify and showcase my achievements on my resume?"

Formatting & Design: "Can you recommend modern resume formats or design tips that would make my resume more visually appealing?"

Soft Skills Representation: "Based on this job role, which soft skills should I emphasize, and how can I represent them authentically?"

Potential Red Flags: "Are there any potential red flags on my resume that might concern hiring managers?"

Final Overview: "Can you provide a final review and general feedback on the overall quality of my resume?"


With the right guidance, your resume will not just be a piece of paper but a testament to your capabilities and fit for the roles you desire. 


Let ChatGPT be your guide in this journey! 


Best of luck!



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