How To Know If You’re On The Right Career Path.. Or Not

Take Charge of Your Career

You know, sometimes people think that we're supposed to stay stagnant in our careers.


That boredom is inevitable, and feeling stuck in a job with little growth until the day we retire is just part of life... But I'm here to tell ya--nothing could be further from the truth!


Obviously staying in a dead-end job year after year is a safe card to play - at least it's a job and there's food on the table, right? But from a zoomed-out perspective, denying yourself other opportunities for growth just to stay "comfortable", is usually a more significant risk than a reward..


When I was just starting up my first company, one of the biggest pieces of advice that my mentor told me was that "the best way to get ahead is by playing smart." He said that if you want to play it safe and be average, then you and your aspirations will go nowhere.. Ouch.


So be smart about your career course! Because one of the worst feelings in the world is that gut-wrenching, depressing sensation you get when your job isn't what it should be. Whether you were once content and have grown unhappy with where life has taken you or if this was never a position of interest for you to begin with - if you're not happy with where you're at and the direction you're headed, then that's your first cue that something obviously needs to change!


It can be tough to admit that the job that took up so much of your life is no longer fulfilling or even enjoyable, but there are signs that point to this being true. 


Here are five signs that might be telling you you're in the WRONG occupation, and that it's time to move up the career ladder...


1. If you're not happy with your job, but don't know what to do instead


Our decisions about our careers are some of the most important and long-lasting ones we will ever make. They impact everything from how much money we earn, to where in the world we live, and who our friends are for years or decades after they're made. But because these decisions have such a huge impact on our lives, many people feel paralyzed by fear when it comes time to choose a new career path. Don't be afraid of change! If your current position isn't fulfilling anymore, don't let fear hold you back from exploring other opportunities out there waiting for someone like yourself who wants more than just another day at work.


2. If you have a hard time waking up for work in the morning, or dread going to work every day and feel like it's just a waste of time


The problem with not wanting to go to work is that you will have a hard time getting ahead in your career. If you're not doing work that you enjoy and feel stuck in a job that you don't like, or even hate - you'll never make use of your skills, talents, or passions to do meaningful work every day.


3. If your company doesn't seem to appreciate all that you do for them and there's little opportunity for growth


It's great to have a career and make money, but if you don't love what you do it can be hard to stay motivated. If your company doesn't seem to appreciate all that you do for them and there's little opportunity for growth, then maybe it's time that you take control of your career path.


4. You've been thinking about quitting for a while now, but haven't done anything yet because of fear or uncertainty


Most people get stuck in jobs they don't like because they feel there's no way out. They fear change and are afraid to leave their comfort zone. But staying put means settling, and that's never what anyone deserves - especially when they deserve so much more than they think! So take charge of your life today and start looking for jobs with us - because anything is possible when you decide to go for it!


5. Your friends and family are constantly asking if everything is okay at work and why you aren't satisfied with what you're doing anymore


If you're not sure if what you're doing is right for you anymore, and the people around you are noticing... That's a big red flag that something's off and needs to change.

If more than one of these red flags resonates with you, take it as a sign that it might be time to consider taking control of your career path and finding a job that you will actually enjoy.


Let us help you find your dream job! Follow up on our other blog posts to learn more about how to map out your ideal career path!

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