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How do you make sure that you get HIRED even without a college degree?

Let's be honest - this past year has been a real flop. The whole world became engulfed in chaos, and the economy took a big nose dive because of it. Millions of workers in the United States lost their jobs due to the pandemic. It's been a scary time to be unemployed - but even more uncertain for those without a degree to fall back on..

Here we are over a year later, in mid- 2021, and things are starting to look up for job seekers! The economy is beginning to show more promise, and career openings are slowly starting to trickle up. That being said, it's going to be an insanely competitive job market. Many people are looking, and businesses are trying to be as efficient as possible as they begin to get back on their feet - which means they're hiring experienced people, or offering lower wages..

So you're an unemployed job seeker trying to enter the workforce during a highly competitive time.. How do you make sure that you get HIRED even without a college degree? Here are 4 tips to increase your chances of finding a job:


Tip 1. Networking

Networking is key – you can start by networking with friends and family who work at companies you want to be employed with. Ask them how they got their position and if they would recommend you for the same one. If not, ask them what other positions might be available within the company or even outside of it that they think would suit your skillset better than theirs does.

While the country is trying to open back up, networking online through facebook, linkedin, and other social networking sites, will be your best way to reach out to potential employers, and connect with professionals who might be able to give you some pointers on how to find work in this economy.

Tip 2. Good Resume / Responsible Individual

I know it can be hard to find work when you don't have the right qualifications. But with some creativity, you can spice up your resume to show off your skills in order to get your foot in the door. After networking with professionals in your current field of interest, you should know what you can contribute to the job, and what skills you lack. Make sure your resume includes all the skills needed for the position you want, and emphasizes your strengths and previous experiences. Employers are also looking for responsible individuals. Even if you don't have previous experience, if you can show that you have what it takes to succeed, that you're a leader, and that you're willing to step up and learn what you don't already know - it will give you a very competitive advantage.

So next step, polish up your resume so it looks as professional as possible - even if it doesn't include any fancy degrees! That means tailoring your resume to each individual job that you are applying for. Read the job description very carefully, and use similar descriptive words from the job description in your own resume. Generic resumes are easily discarded during the application process, so make sure yours STANDS OUT.

Tip 3. Take Free Courses or Look For Internship Opportunities

We live in the age of online education. It's as easy as entering a google search to find opportunities for learning. There are soooo many websites with free online courses where people can learn new skills like coding, graphic design, marketing, etc. Not to mention the free information that professionals across various job fields are uploading to YouTube everyday! So use FREE information to your advantage! Then once you've found an online course to boost your knowledge, look for internship or volunteer opportunities where you can practice the new skills that you're learning.

Stop getting caught up on what you LACK, and instead start making obvious strides towards learning what you don't already know.

Tip 4. Accepting Short-term Work

There are lots of beneficial factors to accepting a short-term position that might be less compensation, rather than waiting months and months for something more to potentially open up.

Your focus should be on the NOW, instead of 3 months down the road because these are unpredictable times! If your finances are severely struggling, then get applying to jobs TODAY, even if they're outside or below your skill set. This doesn't mean that you can't still be actively looking for a "dream position". Don't forget that I believe you can land big roles without degrees if you have the right skills for it, but accepting short-term jobs while the economy is opening back up will help give you more work experience and a steady paycheck! And most prospective employers like to see currently employed candidates - it shows that you have a good work ethic, and your skills are sharp.

Don't make the mistake of waiting for the "perfect position" if you currently can't afford to.

You don't need a degree to get a job.

It's true, you can get hired without one! But it's not as easy as just sending out resumes and hoping for the best. Follow these 4 tips and your chances of getting hired will increase exponentially!

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