Writing a book is the best thing you can do to grow your career.. with CEO Chandler Bolt

Take Charge of Your Career

You're smart and you know it, but your resume doesn't reflect that. 

It seems like every time you apply for a job, your lack of an Ivy League education or big company experience keeps you from getting the respect you deserve.


You need a way to showcase your brilliance and knowledge without going back to school and spending 10s of 1000s of dollars and multiple years of your life doing so…

You're not alone. Many talented individuals are finding themselves in the SAME boat. So today we have a shorter-term solution that will help you to stand out…

Writing a book is the best thing you can do to get hired, get promoted, and grow your career. 

I started a podcast - check it out!! In this first episode, I’m talking with the one and only Chandler Bolt - an investor, advisor, CEO of Self-Publishing School & SelfPublishing.com, and author of 6 bestselling books including his most recent book titled “Published”.

We’re super lucky to have Chandler on the podcast! He’s a really cool young guy who has been very successful in scaling his business over the last few years - Self Publishing School has been on the INC 5000 list as one of the 5,000 fastest-growing private companies in the US for the last 3 years in a row. But Chandler’s story to success is super inspiring and I think some of you are gonna be able to relate to his starting spot…

Chandler wasn’t a good student. He had ADHD with C grades and actually ended up becoming a college dropout... 

Not exactly the ideal idol for success, right? However, just because Chandler wasn't a good student who went the traditional route through school, didn’t mean he couldn’t find another road to success…

Chandler found an alternative and perhaps more effective way to market himself to land him jobs he otherwise probably wouldn’t qualify for - this led him to be the successful entrepreneur that he is today.

Writing a book is an alternative path that WILL help your career growth success - whether you’re trying to get promoted in your existing industry, or trying to get a completely new career. Here are some of the benefits that we talk about on the podcast:


1. Makes you stand out.

Writing and publishing a book will help you to stand out. When hiring managers are looking over resumes of applicants - they're looking for someone who stands out from the rest. And a book is a big way to do that. Bigger and better than a resume because it’s proof. 


2. Gives You More Authority. 


The root word of authority is author, you can't spell the word authority without the word author. Writing a book will help to establish your credibility in whatever industry you’re pursuing.


3. Helps You Get Promoted.

If your book is on topic with what your company does, that’s PROOF that you have expert knowledge on that subject, and your superiors will likely think of you when a higher position opens up. If your book does well, it could also help bring in customers and prospects/leads for your company. 


4. Pushes You to Grow: 

Writing a book will help you to grow your personal brand, improve your resume and experience, and increase your knowledge on whatever career topic you write about.

So obviously there’s the “I’m not an expert and I’m not a writer… so what do I do?” concern. 

Listen, your book doesn’t have to go viral for you to reap the benefits of adding “published author” to your list of accomplishments and skills on your resume.

Another thing - you don’t have to be an expert to write a book. Most customers are going to buy your book because they want to walk the same journey that you did. Because it’s relatable. And so it's a different type of credibility. It's just as valuable and it takes away that “I'm not an expert” doubt, and boils it down to this: “Are you curious of what you could accomplish, and are you willing to act?” 

Everybody in the world is a dummy about something, and wishes they knew it better. You just have to know one more thing than the average person to become “the expert”. So just walk the journey with them. 

If you want to learn EXACTLY HOW TO WRITE AND PUBLISH YOUR OWN BOOK to increase your credibility as a job seeker… Chandler is your man!!! And he's got an incredible book about it that you can buy… 

I'm gonna give you links to Chandler's blog and content resources below - make sure to check them out!! He's just a great all-around guy who gives amazing advice and has an inspiring underdog story of where he started to where he got to, and know you guys are gonna love his content.





So to sum it all up… When maybe the “normal” default path just doesn't feel like the path you want to walk... There are actually ways to get to the same if not better spots in life by taking a different path, the road less traveled. Writing a book is a great alternative way to go about getting to where you want to go.

Lots of awesome podcast content coming soon! So make sure to subscribe! Here's the link on spotify to check it out!

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