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What even is Employee Onboarding?




Employee onboarding is integrating new hires into an organization and preparing them for success in their new role. It involves providing them with the necessary information, resources, and training to perform their job effectively and introducing them to the company culture and values.


Onboarding typically starts before the new employee's first day and continues for the first few weeks or even months on the job. During this time, the new hire will learn about the company's mission, vision, goals, and specific job duties and responsibilities.


How Can You Take Control of Your Onboarding?


When it comes to starting a new job, most people approach the onboarding process like they're riding a bus… 


They show up and expect the employer to lead them step by step through the training, much like a bus driver takes them directly to their stop without any effort or direction on their part.


But the truth is, to become a superstar new hire, you need to get in the driver's seat. Imagine you're driving yourself to work instead of taking the bus - you have control over the route you take, how long it takes you to get there, and how prepared you are when you arrive.


The same is true for your new job. 


Yes, your boss will provide the structure and guidance for your training, but to truly excel in your new role, you need to take control of your own learning. 


That means creating your own 90-day training program, using resources found online, to supplement the training provided by your employer.


This proactive approach not only demonstrates your initiative and commitment to your new role but also sets you up for success in the long run.


Setting the Foundation for Career Success


Here's how you can create a 90-day training plan to become an employee superstar:


Research the Industry: Spend time learning about the industry your company operates in. Read articles, books, and industry reports to understand the latest trends and developments.


Get to Know the Company: Learn more about the company you're working for. Read their mission statement, visit their website, and study their products or services. This will help you understand their values and goals.


Learn about the Customers: Understanding the customers your company serves is crucial to providing excellent service. Research the target audience and demographics of the company's customers to gain insights into their needs and preferences.


Study the Products and Services: To be successful in your new role, you need to have a deep understanding of the company's products and services. Take time to study their features, benefits, and use cases.


Understand the Processes and Tools: Learn about the tools and processes used by your team and across the company. Take time to understand how they work and can be used to streamline your work and improve efficiency.


Identify How Your Job Impacts the Company: To be successful in your new role, it's important to understand how your job fits into the company's larger mission and goals. Identify how your work impacts other teams and employees at the company.


Create a 90-Day Training Plan: Based on your research, create a 90-day training plan for yourself. This should include specific goals and activities for each week. For example, you might schedule a time to study industry reports on Monday mornings or read customer reviews on Wednesdays.


But if you need a little help… here's a 90-day training template to get you started.


90-Day Jumpstart Template for New Hires 


I. Week 1: Onboarding and Familiarization

  • Review company mission and values 
  • Set up one-on-one meetings with the manager and team members
  • Familiarize yourself with company products and services 

II. Week 2: Industry and Organizational Understanding

  • Study the company's organizational structure 
  • Research the industry and competitors 
  • Learn about the target audience and customer needs


III. Week 3: Performance Metrics and Goal Setting

  • Understand the processes and tools used by your team and across the company
  • Identify key performance metrics and how they relate to your role  
  • Start setting short and long-term goals


IV. Week 4: Training and Stakeholder Engagement

  • Attend training sessions and workshops 
  • Meet with key stakeholders to better understand their needs 
  • Identify opportunities to improve current processes 

V. Week 5: Cross-functional Learning and Innovation

  • Shadow colleagues in different departments to gain a better understanding of the company's ecosystem 
  • Participate in cross-functional projects 
  • Identify potential areas for innovation and improvement 

VI. Week 6: Ownership and Relationship Building

  • Develop an understanding of your team's day-to-day activities 
  • Begin to take on more responsibility and take ownership of projects 
  • Start to build relationships with other teams and stakeholders 

VII. Week 7-8: Leadership and Industry Engagement

  • Begin to lead smaller projects or initiatives 
  • Identify gaps in your knowledge or skillset and set up a plan to fill them 
  • Attend relevant industry events or webinars 

VIII. Week 9-10: Progress Review and Process Improvement

  • Set up regular check-ins with your manager to review progress and discuss any challenges 
  • Continue to develop relationships with other teams and stakeholders 
  • Start to identify opportunities for process improvements and cost savings 

IX. Week 11-12: Career Planning and Development

  • Begin to identify longer-term goals and potential career paths within the company 
  • Start building a professional network within the industry 
  • Develop a plan for ongoing learning and development 


By following this 90-day jumpstart template, new hires can take a proactive approach to their onboarding and set themselves up for success in their new role. Remember, this is just a starting point - feel free to modify the template to fit your specific needs and goals.



You have the potential to become a superstar in your new role. Believe in yourself and your abilities. Take control of your onboarding and make the most out of those crucial first 90 days. 


Be proactive, ask questions, and seek out opportunities to learn and grow. 


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