Welcome to our Disclaimer Page


You're probably on this page because you clicked on the footer link. And anytime you see the word disclaimer on a website, you have massive questions about what it is that we're saying we don't take credit or responsibility for.


Let me start with a quick back story


What is it that we do?

We are a matching service. Basically, each day we go out and we pull a giant list of jobs from a bunch of third parties. Third parties like job boards, like applicant tracking systems, and even directory from employer sites. We also have jobs from job ad advertising services and job boards.


We take all those jobs… millions of jobs… and we organize them.


It's actually a huge pain in the butt to organize all of this job information into something that we can search through. Then each day or each week, we grab your search criteria (that usually means job title and location) and we check our giant database of active jobs and try to find something that fits that hopefully we haven't sent you before.


And we send it over to you via email!


So what's this disclaimer about?

Well, we do our best to control our sources of information, and we trust the people we get our jobs from… but we don't control who they let on their platforms. We also don't control the content or links that might show up in the body of those job ads.


Why does this matter?

Well… when you click a link from us, it's going to go to one of our trusted partners… but what happens on that next page and where you're sent to we don't exactly control. What that means is that you need to be cautious after you click from us about what you click on next and what type of information you provide to people.


Why is this a worry?


Generally, we're not that worried about users getting a bad link that's going to somehow steal their information. To date, we've had no reports of anybody ever having that situation happen. That said, it is a possibility.


The bigger worry is that somebody will apply for a job that's been posted by somebody that doesn't have great intentions. These types of posts usually come down to one or two things, either A, they have created a fake company and posted a job in order to gather information about people around this job opening that then usually going to, or B somebody has created a fake account for a real company at an applicant tracking system, and is posting jobs using that company's name. In order to lend credibility to the job that they're posted.


What are they trying to do?

At the end of the day, most scams in the employment world have to do with gaining a job seekers trust enough to ask them to give personal information. Scammers use that to steal their identity or something along those lines. This usually happens by asking them to go and take the next step in the “hiring process” that includes a background check, or credit check or some other type of step in the process. And this is where they ask you for information that would be normal for a job seeker to give to a real employers… like their birthday or social security number, driver's license number, etc. Of course…scammers aren’t real employers!


How do you ensure you don't get caught in one of these situations?

Here are the things to watch out for.

Jobs that are too good to be true. If a job is something that you wish you could have, appears to be paying substantially more than what the going rate is, and it provides you a level of flexibility or special work from home status that you wish you could have…. It’s most likely too good to be true.


People asking for valuable personal information before they've actually talked to you in person or via some type of a zoom live call, where you can see their face and hear their voice.


Email addresses that are not using a corporate domain name, such as @gmail.com or @yahoo.com or some other free email service. Always double check the spelling of the web address and go visit it yourself not by clicking on the link but by taking the end domain off the email address visiting the website, clicking around to make sure it's the real website.


Hopefully we haven't scared you way too much. This literally isn't a huge risk for the people who follow us. But it is something that the lawyers want us to put out there and it's something that people should be warned about.


Now… if you want to dig in deeper… feel free to read the legal Disclaimer below!



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